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Protection & Pest Control


Bio Technology has developed a comprehensive range of natural crop protection agents and pesticides. These are completely organic, and offer protection against the most common diseases and pests. In addition to their negative effect on the environment, chemical pesticides have a few more important drawbacks. The use of chemical pesticides has a stress-increasing effect on plants. The plants will try to bar the chemical substances, costing them a lot of energy they would otherwise use for their own development. Furthermore, chemical pesticides are toxic to the person applying them, and leave a residue on the end product. In the case of consumption crops, this could cause public health problems.


TKA protection and pest control products are 100% organic. They are extensively tested for their efficacy, and for any possible effects on the plant’s development. In addition, they are regularly evaluated, and any changes regarding new mutations/kinds of parasites are taken into account during the composition of the products, which are therefore always up-to-date.


TKA protection and pest control products are not harmful to humans and vertebrates. Our pesticides, in addition to fighting pests, also protect against future attacks. All TKA protection and pest control agents are fully biodegradable.


For the eradication of and protection against insects and molds, we have, respectively, Bio Protect A, and Bio Protect B. In case of excessive infestations, we recommend also treating the growing medium. For this purpose, Bio Protect C can be used. As a preventive measure to protect crops, we developed Bio Prevent. Bio Prevent permanently protects crops against the most common harmful parasites. We further added fertilizers to Bio Prevent granting crops an immediate nutritional boost. All agents need to be sprayed onto the plants under low light intensity. It is important for all parts of the plants (especially the undersides of the leaves) to come into contact with the product. It is best to treat the plants half an hour before the lights go on.

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