Bio TKA Products

Bio TKA products are of biological, organic, and/or mineral origin, making them even more effective, inexpensive, easy to use, and eco-friendly.

Bio TKA Products

Bio TKA develops and produces high-quality fertilizers in cooperation with our partner from the professional horticulture. Bio TKA products are the result of the latest developments and insights in professional horticulture and tested extensively before we offer it to you. So you can be confident that your plants get the best plant nutrition and pesticides you can give them.


Bio TKA products meet high requirements in terms of efficacy, economic use (concentrations up to 1:3000), user friendliness, safety and environment. On our website you will find detailed information about our products.

To buy or sell Bio TKA products we refer to the outlets listed on the home page or respond on our contact page.

Organic Mineral

Organic Mineral = quality + Quantity

Bio TKA products are of organic mineral origin.

Organic compounds are absorbed better for plants and provide a high quality product.

The mineral component in Bio TKA products ensure quantity, the amount of dry matter of a product.

So we make sure that your efforts result in a good product with a good yield.

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