Specific Supplements

Bio TKA has three specific supplements in her product line. Flowering regulator, Silicon and Fulvic. The supplements are highly concentrated 1:2000.




TKA has three specific supplements in her product line. TKA Flowering regulator is a high-grade regulator of bio-chemical processes inside the plant during the flowering stage. Our Silicon is a fossil silicon-containing algae derivative with microelements. The Fulvic Acids supplement is a multifunctional concentrate with a biostimulating effect. Each additive has a specific function having to do with the improvement of the substrate, the vitality of the crop, the regulation of bioprocesses, etc.


The organic components of the TKA supplements are obtained from vegetable fermentations and composting, making them entirely free of animal fertilizers. The mineralsubstances are high-grade fertilizer salts, mostly in the form of chelates or other anorganic compounds. The fertilizers used are primarily selected on the basis of quality and degree of absorbability.


The supplements are highly concentrated (1:2000), and should be administered once a week. The supplements are easy to dose, with overdosage very seldom occurring. When Silicon is used in combination with other supplements by means of a drip system, care needs to be taken to avoid clogging of the system, since silicon can crystallize.


As an additive to basic fertilizers. The supplements can be used for cultivation on organic substrates such as soil and coco. The supplements should be administered once per week when plants are watered/fed. Use 50 millilitres of supplement per100 litres of water. Since pH and EC measurements are not reliable, these need not be carried out.

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