Basic Supplements

Supplements of Bio TKA are effective, beneficial, practical use and respectful of the environment. All supplements have a concentration of 1: 2000 = 50 ml on 100 litres of water.


Specific Supplements

Bio TKA has three specific supplements in her product line. Flowering regulator, Silicon and Fulvic. The supplements are highly concentrated 1:2000.


Foliar Supplements

Foliar supplements of Bio TKA are readily absorbable for your plants.



Bio Technology Holland distinguishes between three different kinds of plant food supplements in her product line. Within each of these three categories, we have a comprehensive range of products meeting all the needs of your plants, in every development stage, from the vegetative stage to the fruitĀ  stage.

All our supplements (or boosters) are composed of high-grade organc (40%) and mineral (60%) components. The needs of plants with regard to fertiliser change during their growth cycle. And although Bio TKA basic feeds meet the fertilisation needs of your plants to a high degree, you can easily give them an extra boost using our supplements.

Bio TKA boosters can be divided into the main categories Elemental, Special, and Foliar Feed. For more information about these categories, click on the desired option below.

In order to make the most of your growing efforts, use our supplements or boosters. Compared to those of other brands in the market, these are much more concentrated, and so will last you a lot longer. Furthermore, because our products are organic-mineral in nature, they create a buffering effect in your growing medium, meaning your plants will benefit from the additives for a longer time. Try Bio TKA, and experience the convenience and the concentrated effect on your plants!