Bio Protect C

To ensure that the culture medium is free of pest that damage the soil such as eggs of harmful insects and nematodes.

Bio Protect C

Substrate Parasites

Bio Protect C ensures that the growing medium is free of harmful parasites (e.g. nematodes), as well as their eggs. Protect C does not harm humans and vertebrates. The product is fully biodegradable.

Solution: 1 bottle of Protect C (250 ml) on 5 litres of water (1:20). Apply water onto the substrate until it’s slightly moist, then spray the solution onto the entire surface. Can be used on all substrates (soil, coco, mapito, etc.).

Available in 250 ml

Protect-C-250mlActive substances:

• Pheromones
• Saponins
• Bacterial fermentation products

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Substrate Parasites