Bio Protect A

Destroys the harmful incects and their eggs such as the red spider. Also protects against future attacks.

Bio Protect A

Destroys harmful insects

Bio Protect A destroys harmful insects such as spider mites, thrips, etc., and destroys their eggs. It also protects crops against future attacks. Protect A does not harm humans and vertebrates. The product is fully biodegradable.

Spray the solution onto the plants under low light intensity. Protect A is a contact spray, so it is important for all parts of the plant to come into contact with the product. To achieve this, we recommend repeating the treatment within 4 days.

Solution: 1 bottle of Protect A (250 ml) on 5 litres of water (1:20).

Available in 250 ml

Protect-A-250mlActive substances:

• Biological extracts and bacterial fermentation products with reinforcing elements
• Saponins
• Laminarins

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