Bio Prevent

Permanent protection against parasitic insects (such as spider mites) and molds.

Bio Prevent

Protection & Nutricion boost

Offers permanent protection against parasitic insects and molds such as spider mites, mildew, thrips, etc., but is also a potent foliar fertilizer containing humic and fulvic acids for a restorative effect. With Bio Prevent, plants can keep performing optimally.

Prevent should be given once every week, starting at the beginning of the cycle. Spray the product onto the plants under low light intensity, preferably half an hour before the lights go on. Be sure the product reaches every part of the plant.

Solution: 125 ml on 5 litres of water (1:40). If you wish to give your plants extra foliar fertilizer, you can increase the concentration to 1:20.

Available in 250 ml and 1 ltr

Prevent-250mlActive substances:

• Pheromones
• Saponins
• Laminarins
• Nitrogen (N)  20 %
• Magnesium (Mg)  20 %
• Calcium (Ca)   20 %

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Protection & Nutricion boost


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