TKA Plant Controll

Bio TKA Plant Controll effectively inhibits cell elongation, halting the linear development of plants

TKA Plant Controll

Cell Elongation Inhibitor

Effectively inhibits cell elongation, halting the linear development of plants. After treatment, inter-nodular growth decelerates for about 14 days. The nodules develop at shorter intervals after each other, resulting in increased stem thickness as well. Cell division, energy supply, and all other processes continue as usual. The treatment does not affect the duration of the cycle.

Solution: 250 millilitres on 5 litres of water (1:20). With 5 litres of the solution, about 12 M² can be treated, depending on the kind of crop and its size.  Spray the solution onto the plants under low light intensity, preferably half an hour before the lights go on.

TKA Plant Controll is non-toxic, entirely vegetable-organic, and fully biodegradable.

Available in 250 ml

Controll-250mlActive substances:

• Natural inhibitor of gibberellic acids and cytokines.

• Plant Controll is fully comprised of vegetable-organic components.


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