Basic Fertilizers for Organic Substrates

Bio TKA Basic Fertilizers for Soil & Coco

Basic Fertilizers for Organic Substrates


Our organic-mineral fertilizers distinguish themselves from the most commonly used fertilizers through their physiological composition. The fertilizers are partly organic (40%), and partly mineral (60%). Organic-mineral fertilizers are very different from commonly used mineral fertilizers. Mineral fertilizers do not interact with the substrate, and the absorption of fertilizers depends on the root system. Organic (vegetable) fertilizer molecules can have a buffering effect, remain available for absorption by the plant, and are not removed by drainage. This way, the plant continuously has the necessary fertilizers at its disposal, and an optimal end result can be achieved, with regard to quality as well as quantity.


TKA organic-mineral plant fertilizers are composed of high-grade organic (40%) and mineral (60%) components. The organic components are obtained from vegetable fermentations and composting, making them entirely free of animal fertilizers. The mineral substances are chelates or other anorganic compounds. The fertilizers used are primarily selected on the basis of quality and degree of absorbability, and ensure a strong and fast development of the crop.


The fertilizers come in concentrations of 1:2000 (root stimulator) and 1: 400 (growth and flowering fertilizer). They contain, in specific ratios, the main microfertilizers nitrogen (N), phosphorus (P), and potassium (K). Essential subspores were added to aid in, among others, the building and maintaining of the immune system, process support, and the supplying of energy to the plant. In addition, soil-quality improving humic and fulvic acids were added. Through special mechanisms, the organic-mineral fertilizers remain available for a long period of time.


There are three kinds of organic-mineral fertilizers: one for the root growth and development stage, one for the growth stage, and one for the flowering stage. The exact duration of each stage depends on the type of crop. The fertilizers are suitable for any crop and are generally used on quickly developing (consumption) crops. The fertilizers are suitable for cultivation on organic substrates such as soil and coco, and should be administered with each feeding. It is not necessary to carry out pH and/or EC measurements.

Bio TKA basic fertilizers in three variants; TKA 1, 2 & 3:


TKA 1 basic fertilizer for the root stage


TKA 2 basic fertilizer for the growth stage


TKA 3 basic fertilizer for the flowering stage