Microgranular for Soil & Coco

Microgranular fertilizers for every phase of the development for growing on soil & coco

Microgranular for Soil & Coco


Using our revolutionary production method, we developed a microgranular fertilizer with vastly improved properties in comparison to existing microgranular fertilizers. The current generation of granular fertilizers are dehydrated by means of evaporation. This method, however, has its flaws, since dehydration is never complete, and therefore these products will always contain a small percentage of water. High concentrations of fertilizers cannot be achieved, and they leave a large amount of residue behind in the growing medium. Furthermore, like all mineral fertilizers, they don’t have any buffering capacity.

Our dehydration method is physiological, allowing for almost all water-bound substances, including organic ones, to be hydrated to the greatest extent possible. With the aid of this method, we developed a fertilizer that contains all necessary fertilizers, the mineral as well as the organic components, in high concentrations.


TKA microgranular fertilizers are composed of high-grade mineral and organic components. The fertilizers used are selected primarily on the basis of quality and degree of absorbability. The organic components can be absorbed to a high degree, are highly mobile, and are largely responsible for creating a high-quality end product. The mineral components ensure a strong development of the flowers and/or fruit. The final result is a high-quality, high-yield end product.


The fertilizers are highly concentrated (1:3000). They contain, in specific ratios, the main macrofertilizers nitrogen (N), phosphorus (P), and potassium (K). They further contain all essential microelements, particularly chelated iron and zinc, for wide pH margins. In addition, soil-improving sustances were added, such as fulvic, humic, and citric acids. The fertilizers can be used for any crop and are suitable for ornamental horticulture as well as the cultivation of food crops.


There are four different fertilizers, one for every stage in the cycle, being the rooting and development stage, the growth stage, the pre blooming stage and the final bloeming stage. The exact duration of every stage depends on the type of crop. The fertilizer can be used for cultivation on soil and on coco. With 100 grams of product, 200/300 litres of fertilizer can be created (1:2000/1:3000). The ideal pH level lies between 6 and 6,5. It is not necessary to carry out EC measurements. If you wish to use more than 1 kg of the product at once, we recommend you first create a solution in a (large) quantity of water.

Microgranular fertilizers for every phase of the development for growing on soil & coco


Microgranular NPK 20-65-25
for the rooting stage


Microgranular NPK 20-20-20
for the growth stage


Microgranular NPK 20-40-30
for the Pre bloom stage


Microgranular NPK 30-40-60
for the bloom stage