Basic Fertilizers for Organic Substrates

Bio TKA 1, 2 & 3 Basic Fertilizers for Soil & CocoBASIC FERTILIZERS ORGANIC-MINERAL

Microgranular for Soil & Coco

Microgranular fertilizers for every phase of the development for growing on soil & cocoMICROGRANULAR for SOIL & COCO

Microgranular for Hydro

Microgranular hydro basic fertilizers adapted on each stage of the developmentMICROGRANULAR for HYDRO

Basic Fertilizers

Depending on the growing medium and their development stage, plants need specific plant feeds with different ratios of the macronutrients N (Nitrogen), P (Phosphorus), and K (Potassium). Bio TKA’s basic feeds meet the needs of your plants during  their different development stages, being the root growth and development stage, the growth stage, the flowering stage, and the final flowering stage (ripening stage). We have basic feeds in liquid form, as well as our revolutionary Microgranulate.

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Microgranular Basic Fertilizers

Using our revolutionary production method, we developed a microgranular basic fertilizer with vastly improved properties in comparison to existing microgranular fertilizers. You can choose from a microgranulate suitable for cultivation on soil/coco, and a microgranulate suitable for hydroculture.

Our microgranular fertilizers are very inexpensive (!), easy to use, and, because of their organic- mineral nature, have a buffering effect in your growing medium. Due to its high concentration (1:3000), carrying around heavy containers is now a thing of the past.

Try it, and let yourself be convinced!

Bio TKA microgranular plant fertilezers distinguish themselves from other plant fertilizers in that they are easy to absorb by your plants.

Basic Fertilizers Organic Mineral

Traditionally, many growers have used liquid fertilizers in order to meet the needs of their plants.

For several years now, Bio Technology Holland has offered a comprehensive range of plant fertilizers.

When cultivating on on soil or coco, and depending on their development stage, you can meet the basic needs of your plants with:

• TKA 1 (root and growth development stage),
• TKA 2 (growth stage),
• TKA 3 (flowering stage).

Find the liquid basic fertilizer corresponding to your growing medium (soil/coco) below.