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Bio Technology Holland develops and supplies plant feeds, pesticides, and related products, produced according to the lates scientific insights…  

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Our company…
Under the TKA brand, Bio Technology Holland produces and develops plant fertilizers and related products for the casual and professional horticulturist. Our products meet the strictest criteria with regard to efficacy, sustainability, safety and environment, economic use, and user-friendliness. TKA products are suitable for many indigenous and exotic crops, cultivation methods, and substrates.

The world keeps on moving… 
Bio Technology is one of the frontrunners in the Netherlands when it comes to product development. We make use of the newest scientific insights, are constantly conducting research, and develop innovative products and concepts. For cultivation to be succesful, external factors such as light and climatic conditions need to be optimal. The field of botany is advancing rapidly, and the use of modern technological means has vastly improved the aforementioned external factors.  TKA products have been developed in step with these advancements, and are therefore a strong factor in modern-day, high-quality cultivation.

Close to nature…
Our products are adjusted to the natural process of the crop as much as possible. They ensure a continuous availability of fertilizers, with the critical ones available when needed. In addition, the use oforganic products ensures a healthy and natural development of the crop. The crops will not suffer from stress, so that they can use all available energy for their own development. Our aim is to achieve optimal results with an efficient use of resources. And all of this in harmony with nature, now and in the future.

Continuity when it comes to quality…
Together with a group of passionate, able, and committed employees, we work hard to make sure that our producsts continuously meet the highest quality standards. Because of our good relations with suppliers of raw materials, we always have first-class ingredients at our disposal, and are therefore able to achieve a high level of quality, in the long term as well. In addition, our internal quality assurance procedures guarantee the best possible end product, always.

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